Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator

Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator
Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator

If you’ve read some of our other blog entries, you already know that one of TrackItWeb’s clients is an ardent classic Mercury Cougar Enthusiast. You may have even visited his Classic Cougar Community Site or Forum after reading an earlier blog regarding them.

For years, he’d been talking about wanting to build a database-driven site that would generate window stickers similar to the ones that came with his favorite classic cars. This fall, he took the plunge and commissioned TrackItWeb to begin construction of the Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator.

The Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator is a database-driven site designed to allow the user to build his own window sticker for a classic Cougar that may or may not have existed, including the actual package and accessory prices, creating a PDF as an end product that is based on the original artwork of the Mercury Cougar window stickers of the time.

Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector: A One-Off Site

A One-Off Site: Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector
Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector

I had a lot of fun setting up a magazine-selector, one-off site for Automotive Traveler. After moving the issues of their on-line magazine to the BCT Publishing Viewer, they wanted a graphical method for users to be able to select between all issues of the magazine that took advantage of the striking layouts of their covers. They left me to my own devices to come up with a design and implementation, only requesting that it fit in with the color scheme of their main site at the time.

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