In 1999, when broadband became more affordable in my area, I made the move to web-based applications. I had been building database-driven, Windows®-based programs in Visual Basic, but was attracted to the web because web-based applications could be built with open-source tools, were easier to maintain, and didn’t require end-user software installations and updates.

Originally, my web site was simply a place for me to put downloadable versions of my old Windows®-based programs. My plan was to convert them all to on-line versions eventually and add other web-only applications. TrackItWeb as a web site was born when I began writing web-based applications to meet some of my own record-keeping needs.

TrackItWeb has been through a lot of changes since then; Medication Dictionary is the only application that I converted from its Windows®-based form that’s still around, but there are a few other one-off programs I’ve developed for various reasons that live on here at TrackItWeb, like Home Inventory, the Vehicle Maintenance Record, and Have I Read That?, as well as some client sites that are publicly available, like the Dream Cougar Window Sticker Generator. They provide potential clients with a sampling of the kind of things a one-off, database-driven web application can do.


I use whatever combination of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, and HTML is required to build clients’ sites, and am comfortable working with all of them. I specialize in creating a web presence for individuals and small businesses in the most efficient, inexpensive way my experience allows, and advise clients on choosing the best platform(s) for meeting their on-line goals. I also provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades for clients who prefer to concentrate on growing their businesses rather than maintaining their servers and sites themselves.

These days, I’m spending most of my work-time migrating clients’ conventional HTML sites to WordPress, updating older HTML 4.x sites to HTML5, and building new sites using various open-source platforms like WordPress, Zen Cart, phpBB, and others. However, there are still occasional one-off jobs that come along. I plan to add an occasional blog entry when a client has me build something new so that my “portfolio” is more complete and potential clients get a better idea of what the possibilities are.

If you are a prospective client, be sure to check out Open-Source Web Sites and One-Off Web Sites and to take a look at the Open-Source and One-Off Archives for some general ideas about how to choose the platform for your web site and for samples of my work.

Whether you become a client or not, good luck with your on-line endeavors!

Jay Sherman