Advent Lutheran Church

Advent Lutheran ChurchThe Advent Lutheran Church site was a 1and1 MyWebsite account, but it really wasn’t meeting the needs of the congregation or the parishioner who was voluntarily maintaining the site.

When they contacted me about options for adding some features to the site, I recommended a migration of the site to WordPress and the replacement of their hard-coded event calendar with a database-driven WordPress plug-in event calendar. With the addition of the event calendar, they not only had the ability to create recurring events with a single data entry, but can easily maintain a much more flexible, dynamic event-handling system. The new event calendar is much more useful to the congregation than the previous hard-coded system as well.

Above all, the migration to WordPress was just a bit more costly than adding an event calendar system to the existing site, and the end result is a much more easy-to-maintain system than they had before with all the potential of a WordPress site and the search engine optimization benefits of WordPress as well. They’ll save money in the long run by making this migration to WordPress.