Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector: A One-Off Site

A One-Off Site: Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector
Automotive Traveler Magazine Selector

I had a lot of fun setting up a magazine-selector, one-off site for Automotive Traveler. After moving the issues of their on-line magazine to the BCT Publishing Viewer, they wanted a graphical method for users to be able to select between all issues of the magazine that took advantage of the striking layouts of their covers. They left me to my own devices to come up with a design and implementation, only requesting that it fit in with the color scheme of their main site at the time.

I ended up using JQuery as the client-side scripting language to quickly develop a simple selection system with a PHP-generated framework to create the actual selection of magazine covers. I really like to work with databases, but in this case, a database was unnecessary, and would have required more resources than the solution I decided on, which was to use standardized file names for the cover images which PHP could parse to determine the volume and issue of each cover to put them in order. Once it was done, all I had to do to add a new issue to the system was to upload the properly named image files to the web site. It will end up saving Automotive Traveler quite a bit over a site that is hard-coded, and really didn’t cost much more to set up.