Bead Divine

Bead Divine

Sometimes, no matter how much they try to plan ahead, a small business owner ends up in a time crunch. Whatever it is suddenly needs to get done right now. Now and then, that “whatever” ends up being their web site. Such was the case for Cari Ordway, the owner of Bead Divine, a company specializing in beaded items, classes, workshops, and retreats on beading and beaded-jewelry design.

Cari’s new web site had been in the planning stages for a while, but she found herself scheduled for a number of upcoming events within the next few weeks and wanted to make sure she had some kind of web presence in place–even a temporary one–in time for them. It was another case of WordPress to the rescue.

Using WordPress meant that we were able to build and roll out a new site for Cari within 24 hours so that she had site up in time for her events. It wasn’t just a basic site, either. She had a newsletter sign-up form, an e-commerce solution, and an event calendar. Even reusing code snippets and code libraries, that would have been much more work–and a lot more expensive–to accomplish without using WordPress or some other open-source platform.

WordPress isn’t the solution to every web development problem I’ve run across, but it certainly comes closest to being the Swiss Army knife of web development of any platform I’ve used, and it does so while still being easy and cost-effective to maintain and update.

Cari took over the development of her site after we did the preliminary setup and configuration with the design input of Infusion Studio, but before we turned it over to her, there was one thing we did that deserves special mention. We added a web font. If you’re not familiar with web fonts, they are well worth investigating. For years, web designers and developers alike have been frustrated with the difficulty of ensuring that the fonts the end user sees were the ones they intended. Up until web fonts, just about the only way to do so was to use an image. Web fonts have changed all that. We actually had to create our own web font for Bead Divine’s menus in order to match the font that is used on her business cards, but there are plenty of free web fonts available that can be used without royalties on your web site.