Automate the Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress IDX Listings Widget Slideshow

Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress Listings Widget

I posted about how to automate the Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress Property Slideshow Widget yesterday. As of this writing, the Property Slideshow widget is designed to limit the listings to a city, state, and/or zip code, but it doesn’t allow the listings to be limited to a particular office. My client wanted a slideshow that included only her office’s properties.

Enter the Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress IDX Listings widget. The Listings widget does allow the listings to be limited to those of an agent or an office, but the slideshow it comes with is not automated, either, so I wrote a little script to automate it. Read on for how to implement the automation yourself.

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Automate the Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress Property Slideshow Widget

Diverse Solutions' dsIDXPress Property Slideshow Widget

One of my clients is a real estate broker who uses the Diverse Solutions dsIDXPress plugin to display MLS listings on her site.

One of the things I like about Diverse Solutions’ dsIDXPress plugin is that it uses Internet Data Exchange to display the MLS data instead of using a frame like so many other MLS plugins.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the Property Slideshow Widget is not automated, and it doesn’t offer much in the way of configuration options.

In the process of working with the client to get the site looking the way she wanted it, I spent a little time automating the Property Slideshow Widget, and thought I’d share the way I did it.

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Turn Off Pesky Order Notes for Woocommerce Order/Customer CSV Export

Cash Register

One of my clients uses the plugin Woocommerce Order/Customer CSV Export to export his customers’ orders into a spreadsheet for managing a mailing list. The other day, he emailed me to tell me that instead of being prompted to download the CSV when he clicked the “Export” button, he was getting a nasty screen-full of text.

It took a while to troubleshoot, but it turned out the problem was caused by the 34,000+ records that CSV Export had inserted into the WordPress comments and commentmeta tables. Each time the client was clicking that “Export” button, a new record was added to each table for each exported order, and as the number of orders added up, the records were increasing proportionally. Not only was it causing serious database-bloat, but it was also cluttering up the Order Notes box for each order with “Order exported to CSV and successfully downloaded” notes that the client neither wanted or needed.

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WordPress E-commerce Without the E-commerce Plugin

Jerry Cave Art

I recently built a WordPress site for an artist named Jerry Cave. One of the interesting aspects of the job was that he wanted to sell both originals and prints of his work on the site, but he expected his sales volume to be low, and didn’t want to spend the money to have me install, configure, and maintain a full-fledged e-commerce plugin like Woocommerce until he saw how many sales the site generated.

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Make Contact Form 7 DMARC-Compliant

Postage Stamps

In April of this year, Yahoo changed its Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) authentication policy. Suddenly, when a user submitted an email using Contact Form 7–and some other WordPress contact form plugins’ forms–using a Yahoo email address, the messages were permanently rejected by some web hosts.

Yahoo is simply trying to reduce the amount of fraudulent emails by rejecting emails using Yahoo email addresses sent from non-Yahoo servers, but It was a really unpleasant surprise for a lot of web developers. Yahoo’s change means legitimate emails sent by users with Yahoo addresses using Contact Form 7 are getting rejected. Other email providers are going to follow Yahoo in using more-strict authentication rules, so even if you don’t care about email from Yahoo users, it’s worth becoming DMARC-compliant. Fortunately, Contact Form 71 comes with a means for making form submissions DMARC-compliant.All you need to do to be DMARC-compliant is to use an email address from your own domain for the “from” address of your Contact Form 7 forms. To make replying to the form-submitted emails a one-click process, you need to set the “reply-to” header in the email to the user’s real email address. Here’s how:

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