Killer Stereo: An Affiliate Site

Killer Stereo: An Affiliate SiteSometimes, a domain name simply sounds so good, a client has to snap it up even if they don’t have a current use for it. Good domain names have become more and more scarce since I started in this business back in 1998, and I confess I’ve contributed to the scarcity in a small way by encouraging clients to snap up a good domain name when they come up with one. If they don’t, I know the chances are good it will be gone soon. I was working with a client who wanted a place-holder site built for a potential magazine project, and while brainstorming for an appropriate domain name, we ran across “” Neither of us could believe it was still untouched. He snapped it up, but decided to go with another domain name for his project.

In order to make some use of the domain, he commissioned TrackItWeb to set up a hosting account for Killer Stereo and install an Amazon affiliate package for the site until the day he found another use for it.

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