WooCommerce 3.8: Send a Notification Email When a Customer Changes Their Address


Several years ago, I wrote a post, Send a Notification Email When a Woocommerce Customer Changes Their Address, that included a code snippet. Yesterday, I was contacted by a developer who tried to use the snippet and found it wasn’t triggered in his theme. I tested the snippet on my client’s site–he’s still using the Twenty Ten Theme–and found that it was triggered, but the email included the old address, not the updated address.

Note: I tested this code in PHP 7.3 and WooCommerce 4.0, and it still works.

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Advanced Home Inspection: Choosing a Theme

Advanced Home Inspection

Advanced Home Inspection’s site is another project that I developed in partnership with Infusion Studio. Its development will serve to illustrate one of the conundrums of WordPress development. What theme should be used for the new site?

There are basically four choices:

  1. Use a default theme.
  2. Use a free WordPress.org theme.
  3. Purchase a commercial theme.
  4. Create a one-off theme from scratch.

Of course, I am an advocate of always using a child theme, no matter the source of the parent theme. Using a child theme means you can make the modifications you need to the child theme without the risk of having them overwritten by updates to the parent theme.

Still, how does one decide on a theme?

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Bead Divine

Bead Divine

Sometimes, no matter how much they try to plan ahead, a small business owner ends up in a time crunch. Whatever it is suddenly needs to get done right now. Now and then, that “whatever” ends up being their web site. Such was the case for Cari Ordway, the owner of Bead Divine, a company specializing in beaded items, classes, workshops, and retreats on beading and beaded-jewelry design.

Cari’s new web site had been in the planning stages for a while, but she found herself scheduled for a number of upcoming events within the next few weeks and wanted to make sure she had some kind of web presence in place–even a temporary one–in time for them. It was another case of WordPress to the rescue.

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The Law Offices of David Carron

The Law Offices of David Carron

Only a person who works with WordPress a lot would recognize the theme used for David Carron’s web site, and even they might have to peek at the source code to identify it.

David’s site is built using a child theme based on the default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve.  The  main menu has been moved, the tag line is in a new location, there is a custom logo replacing the site title, and a slider has been added to replace the default header image. There have also been a number of changes to the default colors, the default fonts, and other CSS tweaks.

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The Armarium Press: A WordPress Migration

The Armarium Press.

I had a lot of fun migrating The Armarium Press from its previous, conventional HTML home to a new WordPress site.

The old site was pretty much straightforward HTML, and the client wanted to incorporate a number of new features that would have to have been added piecemeal using open-source software or developed at significant cost if they had gone with a one-off approach. WordPress came to the rescue again.

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