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Classic Cougar Community Forum on phpBB3
Classic Cougar Community Forum

The Classic Cougar Community started out with a Kunena forum, but this month made the transition from Kunena to phpBB3 for the greater functionality, more familiar interface. TrackItWeb set up the new database, did the phpBB3 installation and converted as much of the old Kunena content as possible.

The result is a more vibrant, feature-rich forum that was familiar to users due to the popularity of phpBB3 and it’s offspring, VBulletin.

You’ll see from the screenshot above–and the site itself if you click through using the linked screenshot–that the site makes use of some custom-built theme modifications including the Ride-of-the-Month and the statistics display which includes the top ten posters, ten newest members, and a list of users with join-date anniversaries in the current month. TrackItWeb designed and built these modifications to order for the client, whose shared hosting package demanded an efficient use of resources. To save resources, the statistics display is a static file generated by a cron job run every night while there is less traffic on the server.