Home Inventory

Home Inventory

I originally wrote a database-driven, on-line web application called Home & Business Inventory in 2003 when a hurricane got me thinking about how vulnerable all my material possessions were to natural–and not-so-natural–disasters.

Originally, the Home & Business Inventory was a subscription-based web application, which allowed me to offer it free of advertisements and with a level of security that I couldn’t match had I allowed ads on the site. Since then, I am much less dependent on income from my subscription services, and I began a process of converting them all to donation-based sites that remain ad-free.

The new version is another database-driven on-line application called simply “Home Inventory.” It makes heavy use of AJAX to provide a better user experience with a more modern feel. What follows is the marketing copy from the original, subscription-only version with modifications to accommodate the changes in the current, donation version which explains what Home Inventory is all about.

Maintain your home inventory in a secure, off-site location.

  • Free (Donations are welcome!).
  • Keep a list of all you own in a safe, off-site location.
  • Include photos of valuables.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • Generate PDF lists of your belongings with a few mouse-clicks.

The Problem

You are among the fortunate few if you or someone you care about hasn’t suffered a loss due to theft, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or even volcano! There is no place you can live where your home and your belongings aren’t at risk from at least one of these threats.

If you have suffered such a loss, you know that one of the first things you have to do is to compile a list of possessions you lost. The police will want it in case of theft; your insurance company will want it for any loss. Sitting down to make your list after you have survived such a trauma only adds to the stress of the loss.

You may be one of the few people who have a written list of their belongings but, in many cases, that list is lost with the rest of your possessions.

The Solution

TrackItWeb Home Inventory provides a secure, off-site, on-line method for you to keep an inventory and photos of everything you own. Even if you lose all your belongings, your TrackItWeb inventory will be safe. You can print a list of your possessions with a few mouse clicks from any internet-connected computer when you need it. Whether you live in a dorm room, rent an apartment, or own your own home, TrackItWeb Home Inventory will work for you.


  • Track all your possessions as inventory items.
  • Quickly search your inventory with the ‘filter’ function.
  • View your inventory by category and location.
  • Store a photo of each item in your inventory.
  • Set up as many password-protected user accounts as you need so other family members can help maintain your inventory.
  • Use your favorite web browser to access your inventory from any internet-connected device; there is no software to download or keep updated.
  • Quickly create and print PDF lists of your items with a few mouse-clicks.


  • You decide who has access to your inventory.
  • All the data you enter is private.
  • TrackItWeb will never use, sell, or share your data.


The big problem with some on-line inventory programs is that they don’t keep your personal information separate from your inventory, essentially creating a shopping list for thieves if the database is ever compromised.

TrackItWeb’s Home Inventory is designed with your security in mind.

  • 128-bit SSL encryption for security from login to logout so all your online activity is secure.
  • User-level security to restrict sensitive activities to the person who set up the account.
  • No personally-identifiable information or billing information is kept with your inventory, making it extremely difficult to link your inventory to you and adding an extra layer of security.

01/20/2017 — Registration for new accounts has been closed.