Open-Source Web Sites

Open-source web sites are based on open-source software such as WordPress, Zen Cart, Joomla!, phpBB, and others. Open-source web sites are the least-expensive and fastest way to get your web site on-line, and can be customized both in look and function in many ways. They are the way to go when you’re on a tight budget and can make a few compromises in functionality. With TrackItWeb’s help, you still end up with a very professional-looking and functional site.

Just because you elect to go with an open-source web site doesn’t mean you can’t have a custom look for your site. With the current crop of open-source web software, custom templates and themes are widely available, and you can have TrackItWeb customize a default theme to your specifications as well.

With TrackItWeb building your open-source web site, you don’t have to settle for standard functionality, either. TrackItWeb can code custom scripts and make modifications to open-source platforms to incorporate all kinds of custom features and functionality.

You can view samples of some of the open-source web sites TrackItWeb has developed–many of which include custom modifications–in the Open Source Sites Archive.