Fix Ogg Files Corrupted By Easytag

Last week, I noticed that some of my music files would no longer play in Clementine or Rhythmbox (both of which use Gstreamer). I got the error below when I attempted to play the files:

Internal data stream error.

When I checked the affected files, all of which were Oggs, with oggz-validate (part of the package oggz-tools), I saw errors like this:

-00:00:00.002: serialno 1824847231: Packet out of order (previous 00:00:00.564)
-00:00:00.002: serialno 1824847231: Granulepos decreasing within track

Ogginfo (in the package vorbis-tools) reported the error as follows:

Negative or zero granulepos (-104) on Vorbis stream outside of headers. This file was created by a buggy encoder

I knew I had played the affected files successfully before, so it was clear something I had done recently caused the problem. Easytag was the answer.

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