By Lander Sea: Travel Articles and Tips by Debi Lander

ByLanderSea is a WordPress-based blog-style site that I “inherited.” I met Debi Lander, the author of ByLanderSea, through my work with BCT Publishing and Automotive Traveler, for whom she occasionally acts as a contributing author of travel and automotive articles.

I include it here not only because the site has some great articles, but because the site uses a custom theme for WordPress. Most of my clients don’t choose to spend much on developing a site cosmetically, and are satisfied with a few changes to one of WordPress’ default themes. There are definitely good reasons to use a customized WordPress default theme (child theme), and I review those advantages with every client I build a WordPress-based site for, but sometimes, a client wants something in particular that a custom theme can give them.

If you decide to have me build your site, I’ll certainly review the pros and cons of a custom theme for WordPress–or any other open-source software–with you before you commit to the expense. I just want to make sure you know that the limits on customizing a theme, or using a custom theme, are only a matter of how much of your web development budget you want to commit to it.

This site also required the import of a number of blog entries from a Blogspot account. Blogspot is based on WordPress, and it is possible to export from Blogspot, then import into WordPress. If the Blogspot posts are complex, it can be a challenge, but it is possible for those who find the freedom and greater customization possibilities of having their own WordPress installation preferable to the simplicity of Blogspot.