The Armarium Press: A WordPress Migration

The Armarium Press.

I had a lot of fun migrating The Armarium Press from its previous, conventional HTML home to a new WordPress site.

The old site was pretty much straightforward HTML, and the client wanted to incorporate a number of new features that would have to have been added piecemeal using open-source software or developed at significant cost if they had gone with a one-off approach. WordPress came to the rescue again.

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Advent Lutheran Church

Advent Lutheran Church

The Advent Lutheran Church site was a 1and1 MyWebsite account, but it really wasn’t meeting the needs of the congregation or the parishioner who was voluntarily maintaining the site.

When they contacted me about options for adding some features to the site, I recommended a migration of the site to WordPress and the replacement of their hard-coded event calendar with a database-driven WordPress plug-in event calendar. With the addition of the event calendar, they not only had the ability to create recurring events with a single data entry, but can easily maintain a much more flexible, dynamic event-handling system. The new event calendar is much more useful to the congregation than the previous hard-coded system as well.

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Classic Cougar Community: A WordPress Migration

Classic Cougar Community

I originally built the Classic Cougar Community as a Joomla! 1.0.x site back in 2007. When Joomla! 1.5.x debuted, the client had me migrate the site to the new version. Now, Joomla! is up to version 1.7.x, but currently there is not a simple, straight upgrade path from Joomla! 1.5.x to 1.7.x; it’s a migration.

The success he’s experienced with other WordPress sites led my client to opt for migrating the site to WordPress, a platform that in my experience is much easier–and less costly–to maintain and upgrade, rather than to migrate it to the newest version of Joomla!.

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The Oregon Dreamery

The Oregon Dreamery

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is helping small businesses build a professional-looking web presence inexpensively and efficiently from the ground up.

The Oregon Dreamery is one such project. The Dreamery did have a site, but it was a conventional HTML web site on a somewhat limited host with another domain name that was difficult for them to manage, hard to upgrade, and limited in functionality. Although they knew from the outset that they wanted to do limited ecommerce on the site, WordPress was the best choice for a platform for them.

They’re pleased with the site, actively involved in growing it, and also now benefit from the automated nightly database backup, automated monthly database optimization, and off-site backup that I offer.

This site isn’t completely vanilla WordPress, however. They also opted to have me build a quote database for them, and to include a quote-of-the-day on the home page drawn from the database. Not only that, but the site itself is pure Oregon. Even if you’re not interested in seeing a WordPress example, you should check it out.

A Pride of Cougars?

Mercury Cougar XR7-G Registry
Mercury Cougar XR7-G Registry

Cougars are solitary animals, and don’t travel in packs, but this month, a whole pride of Cougars arrived at my door, and I learned more about classic Mercury Cougars than I ever would have believed possible. One of my best clients, a classic Cougar collector, commissioned TrackItWeb to migrate the classic Cougar registries from their previous web hosts to a new home. Several days after agreeing to the job, I received a set of CD-ROMs in the mail containing the HTML for the three sites.

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