Changing the WordPress Editor Font Size

Magnifying Glass

TinyMCE is the platform-independent, Javascript-based HTML WYSIWYG editor incorporated into WordPress. On its own, TinyMCE uses a  relatively small font size  for the main pane of the editor in WordPress.

Many of WordPress’ default themes come with a style sheet called editor-style.css that overrides the built-in style sheet for TinyMCE, making the font a bit larger and more legible in WordPress. Unfortunately, a number of themes don’t override any of the default TinyMCE styles. I’ve had quite a few clients complain about difficulty reading the default TinyMCE font in WordPress after the theme they selected was installed.

Of course, you could just quickly edit the TinyMCE style sheet and change the font size; however, future WordPress updates might overwrite the change. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple workarounds that will allow you to not only alter the font-size, but also make other styling changes to the editor that won’t be overwritten.

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