The Armarium Press: A WordPress Migration

The Armarium Press.

I had a lot of fun migrating The Armarium Press from its previous, conventional HTML home to a new WordPress site.

The old site was pretty much straightforward HTML, and the client wanted to incorporate a number of new features that would have to have been added piecemeal using open-source software or developed at significant cost if they had gone with a one-off approach. WordPress came to the rescue again.

Part of the fun with the site was that the client was willing to make some changes to the original site’s color-scheme and layout, including the art work for the header background. which I chose as a placeholder, intending to use it until the client provided me with something they wanted to use. They ended up pleased with the background, and, at least for now, it’s still on the site.

I also learned something with this build. One of the new features specified in the estimate was a shopping cart system for selling this publisher’s titles on-line. Marketpress fit the criteria for the site, and based on past experience, I added WP Super Cache to speed up page load times for the site. Unfortunately, the whole-page caching method used by WP Super Cache did not play nicely with the shopping cart widget for Marketpress. I ended up using DB Cache Reloaded Fix, which offered similar load times and (so far) has worked well with Marketpress.