The BCT Publishing “Viewer”

BCT Publishing Viewer Showing Automotive Traveler Volume 2 Issue 1
BCT Publishing Viewer

BCT Publishing commissioned the construction of a magazine-like user interface to display their online magazine and replace an expensive, commercial, Flash-based flipping page platform.

The design parameters required that the application:

  • run in any of the most popular browsers
  • display a landscape-oriented version of their magazine without the need for scrolling
  • render their professional magazine-style layouts, including fonts, faithfully
  • allow for easy, inexpensive conversion of PDFs to the format required for final viewing
  • allow for full-screen viewing, zoom, and dragging
  • offer a text-only, accessibility mode
  • be searchable and indexable by the popular search engines

The “Viewer” was born, and Automotive Traveler was BCT’s first title. Since then, BCT Publishing has made the Viewer available to anyone who would like to display content in a magazine-like format on the web. For more information, contact BCT Publishing.