TrackItWeb’s Invoice$

Trackitweb: Invoice$

TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ is another web-based, database-driven application that I built to meet one of my own needs. (You’re probably starting to see a trend here.) I was using a PC-based application (that shall remain nameless) to generate and mail invoices to my clients. I wanted to lose not only the PC-based application but also the necessity of snail-mailing copies of the invoices to my clients, who by now all have email.

Invoice$ is going to be subscription-based for now, but down the line I may switch it to a donation-based format. Read on to get all the marketing low-down.

An Independent Contractor’s Dream

If you’re an independent contractor, working by the hour, you have undoubtedly wished for an easy way to calculate your fees, prepare your invoices, and track your income.

TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ is designed to do just that in a very user-friendly manner at a fraction of the cost of competing programs.

TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ shares the advantages of all TrackItWeb programs:

  • On-line access from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • No software installation or updates,
  • Off-site storage of data.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption for security from login to logout so all your online activity is secure.

TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ Is Loaded with Useful Features

  • Create unlimited client accounts.
  • Yearly statistics for open, submitted, and paid invoices are displayed on the Clients page for easy reference so you always know where you stand.
  • Configurable display to improve usability on different devices.
  • Intuitive user interface with concise instructions on each page.
  • Preview function allows you to quickly double-check invoices prior to submitting them for payment.
  • Email invoices directly to clients as a PDF. Save the hassle of stamps and mail!
  • Print invoices if you like just as you would any PDF.

All the data you enter in TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ is private.

TrackItWeb will never use, sell, or share your data with anyone.

Personal Information

Unlike other TrackItWeb programs, TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ requires some personal information so that it can submit invoices to your clients.

Like any invoice, TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ includes the following on each invoice you submit:

  • Business name.
  • Business address.
  • Business phone number.
  • Payee (the person/business entity the client should make checks payable to; typically you).

Your name, your email address (for the return address used when you email invoices to clients), and your local tax rate (so TrackItWeb Invoice$ can calculate tax on services you designate as taxable) are also required.

Like all TrackItWeb programs, the billing information for your subscription to TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ is kept separate from your Invoice$ data.

Save Time and Effort with Real-Time Reports

Whether you need to make estimated tax payments or you’re preparing your income tax returns, you will have to know how much you collected from clients. That’s where TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ really shines.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can view the following reports for paid invoices:

  • Annual Sales by year and by client or in detail.
  • Quarterly sales by year and by client or in detail.
  • Sales within a date range you specify by client or in detail.

30-Day Free Trial

Sign up for TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ today, and receive a free, no-obligation 30-day free trial. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll be asked to subscribe to continue using Invoice$. An annual subscription to TrackItWeb’s Invoice$ is still only $24.

01/16/2015 — Note: Sign up for new accounts has been closed for now.