Vehicle Maintenance Record

Vehicle Maintenance Record

There was a day when I had more than one vehicle, a hectic business, and a very difficult time keeping track of all the maintenance, vehicle inspections, and other little things it took to keep them all on the road.

The final straw was when I forgot to get my vehicle inspection done on time and had an encounter with an officer of the law. So what’s a programmer to do? Write a program to keep track of all that stuff, of course.

I originally wrote the Vehicle Maintenance Record as a subscription-based, database-driven web application, and it did fairly well. However, about the time the economy tanked, my subscribers started dropping away. I also was suffering some losses to competitors who were offering “free,” ad-supported products that served the same purpose.

This month, I re-wrote the Vehicle Maintenance Record so that it’s more user-friendly, simpler to use, faster, and even more secure. Oh, and now it’s donation-based; no more subscriptions, and it’s still ad-free. Previous users’ data is still all there.

The new version makes heavy use of AJAX to provide a more slick user experience, lifts many of the restrictions imposed by the subscription version, and has a more-intuitive user interface.

What follows is the marketing copy from the original version–which still serves as a good explanation of what the Vehicle Maintenance Record does–with modifications to accommodate the changes in the current version:

Track your vehicle expenses and receive custom service reminders.

  • Keep track of vehicle expenses, maintenance and more from purchase to sale.
  • Enter fuel purchases and monitor mileage while on the road using any Internet-capable device.
  • Receive email reminders when service, insurance, vehicle inspection–and more–are due.
  • Generate detailed reports with a few mouse clicks.
  • Create additional user accounts so other members of your family can enter data to help you keep track of vehicle expenses and maintenance.

With TrackItWeb’s Vehicle Maintenance Record, there is no costly software to purchase, install, or keep up-to-date. Use your favorite web browser to access your vehicle data.

We’ve Got Your Back

All the information you enter into TrackItWeb’s Vehicle Maintenance Record is private. TrackItWeb will never sell your information to anyone or share it without your permission.

Other online data services support themselves by selling advertising space, your email address–even your data!–to third parties. TrackItWeb will not.

Thieves Cannot Find You

TrackItWeb’s Vehicle Maintenance Record (VMR) uses 128-bit SSL security from the time you log in to the time you log out of the system so all your online activity is secure. In this version of the VMR, you have the option of not including things like your VIN or license number if you prefer not to; the new version doesn’t even require your name, just a user ID.

Create Real-Time Reports

With TrackItWeb’s Vehicle Maintenance Record (VMR), you can generate reports as PDF to view or print any time you need a hard copy of your data.

Beta Testing?

The changes required to come up with the current version of the VMR were huge, and though it has been through a good deal of testing and all the known bugs have been fixed, there may still be a few. Still, you are welcome to come along for the ride.

01/20/2017 — Registration for new accounts has been closed.